Pamela Kuczewski

A writer and editor with a passion for leading teams and coaching end users

One of my more interesting stories is how technical writing found me. After years of serious ballet training, I was on a fast track to becoming a professional dancer. When that path turned from a childhood dream to a harsh reality, I decided it was too intense for me and focused on my education.

One English degree later, I did what most college students do: ask, "What do I want to do with my life?". Over the years, I realized I had a natural gift for figuring out technology. My dorm-mates had come to me for help with their laptops and computer programs (think early 2000s when Napster was all the rage). Not only did I quickly learn how to use computers and programs, but I enjoyed helping others figure things out and being that go-to person. 

With a strong writing background, technical writing seemed like an easy transition. Thus, I received my Masters degree in Written Communication and focused my career on technical writing and training. 


These training descriptions are part of my more recent work with Mastery Technologies in Novi, MI, whom I have been freelancing with since 2011. They specialize in online training courses for worker safety.

Cyber Security Awareness Part 1: Why You Should Care

Most successful data breaches can be traced back to human error. With a little training, your employees can help keep themselves and their organization better protected. This first part in a series on cyber security awareness asks why you should care about data breaches. Any device connected to the internet is at risk for cyber attacks. It is often assumed large organizations are the only ones targeted, but actually 61% of all attacks involve smaller companies. Any person or company can be at ri

DOT: HAZMAT: Security Awareness

Millions of tons of hazardous materials (HAZMATs) are transported by trucks, trains, pipelines, ships, and planes daily. These materials are essential for our economy and community, but terrorist attacks have taught us we must be more alert and secure. Terrorists used to rely on military weapons but can obtain HAZMATs to carry out an attack. For this reason, all HAZMAT workers are required to complete a security awareness training. This online training discusses how DOT regulations can prevent

Hand & Power Tool Safety in Construction Environments

Hand and power tools help construction workers complete jobs quickly and efficiently, however, you need to know how to use these tools safely, otherwise you might injure yourself. The misuse of hand and power tools causes half a million people to visit the emergency room each year. Being aware of the tools’ hazards can help construction workers stay incident-free on the job. This online training course teaches construction workers the hazards associated with hand and power tools. It also review

Lockout Tagout Refresher for Supervisors

As a supervisor, it is critical to ensure all your employees are trained to understand the lockout tagout procedure for your workplace. The training should include step-by-step instructions, as well as any hazards to be aware of during lockout tagout. This safety training provides a refresher for supervisors on the lockout tagout procedure. As a result, supervisors can remind their employees about the seriousness of lockout tagout. Use this online training to help review the proper steps for l